Love surprises? Can't decide which coaster to 'add to cart'? Let us help!

We have 3 different shapes for our coasters: square, circle, and hexagon and since the coasters are made with leftover materials we have a wide variety of colors in stock. Fill out the questions above and let us do our best to pick a coaster you'll love.

Our ready to ship coasters are made from leftover tumbler materials, some are just one color, some have a cohesive design, some are a mishmash of glitters, there's no telling what you'll get. We'll do our best to match your preferences but, after all, this wouldn't be a mystery if you got exactly what you're asking for, so please be prepared for anything!

Coasters are backed with cork to prevent scratching surfaces, as well as to provide some stability to the piece. These pieces also make great ring dishes or trinket trays!

As always, each coaster includes free shipping anywhere in the United States.

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